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presentation easel in a luxury conference room If you have something important that you would like to show off, look no further.  A display easel is a great way to showcase your art, photography, or other presentations.  Display easels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from any combination of woods, metals, glass, or plastics.  Styles range from purely functional plain metal to elaborate antique and vintage brass and wood.  Some may be floor standing, while others are made for use on shelves, tabletops, or in curio cabinets.  They can be stationary or they may have wheels for easy portability.  Larger display easels are often foldable and height adjustable.  Presentation easels can feature a whiteboard and adjustable clips.  Those used for displaying photos or plates may be ornately decorated with scrollwork or carving details which add to the overall aesthetic.  Display easels found outside cafes and coffee shops often feature a chalkboard for menu display, which can easily be changed to highlight different specialties.  Browse these eBay listings to find an assortment of display easels for all sizes and purposes!

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Display Easels at eBay

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