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artist using an art easel in his studio Artist easels are used for stabilizing canvas or other materials while painting or drawing.  They can be A-frame, H-frame, double-sided, tabletop, or studio size.  Artist easels can be made of wood or metal, although wood is usually the more popular choice.  Most artist easels feature legs for stability and a ledge on which to rest canvas.  Studio easels may be made from aluminum and have wheels for portability.  Artist easels may have one or more trays in which to store supplies such as paints or brushes.  Some easels have a spindle at the top for hanging a roll of paper and an adjustable clamp for mounting paper or canvas.  Many children's easels have an A-frame with both a chalkboard and whiteboard.  French easels can fold completely into a box and provide storage space for canvas and supplies.  Artist easels come in a variety of sizes and are typically adjustable in height and foldable for easy storage.  Many can be adjusted for use on a table top.  Professional-grade easels may have adjustable angles for greater flexibility.  These eBay listings exemplify the many types of easels that are available to artists.

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Artist Easels at eBay

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Female Artist and Easel